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How to Sew a zipper front dress inspired How to Sew a zipper front dress inspired by Max Azria

First of all you need some basic tools like sewing machine, scissors, pins, ruler, measuring tape and thread. You also need a printed knit of size 1.5 yard or 1.4 meters ad a separating zipper of size 18 inches or 46 cm. First you have to start by making the straps and bodice. Cut off two rectangles those measures from the top of your bust to the bottom of your bust. The length should be enough to go all the way around your upper half. Place these two rectangle pieces together. Now separate your zipper and place it between the two layers, with the zipper teeth facing up. Now place it in the place you want your zipper to be. Pin the ends of each of each half of the zipper between your fabrics. These will be your straps on the back of your dress. Sew a straight stitch and be careful with your zipper. Now flip the rectangles with wrong sides together. Now press the seam. Now you have to edge stitch the seam and make sure to catch all layers of the fabric, as well as the zipper tape. Now press 5/8 inches on the short ends of the bodice. Pin each side of the zipper to the fabric. Now using your zipper feet topstitch the zipper in place. For the rest of the dress it is very easy. You have to cut off the fabric to the length of your choice. Youll need a rectangle that measures twice the width of your ribs just below the bust. It should be as long as you would like your final hemline to be. Now hold it in half and right sides together, and then you have to sew up the side seam. You have to finish the raw edges. Pin the dress to the top right sides together. You have to make a pleat as you pin them. Once everything is pinned then check the dress once again. Now sew all the way around and then finish off the raw edges. You have to hem if required. Thats it.

In this video we learn how to make a zipper purse or mini fanny pack for your belt. First, fold a bandanna in half and cut out a rectangle. Then, cut a rectangle out for the belt loop too. Next, take one of the bigger rectangles and cut it about 1.5 inches from the top. Then, sew these two pieces together using a needle and thread with white thread. After this, pin down the zipper to the back and sew up the sides. Then take the other piece and stitch it to the front side of your other rectangle. Turn it inside up and stitch the ends. Then, unzip it and turn it inside out to finish celine bag sale your fanny.

Japanese kimonos are a beautiful and whimsical clothing full of tradition and grace but are not really appropriate to wear in everyday life. Luckily you can make a cute and hip kimono inspired dress with the help of this video that is perfect to wear out anytime. You will need a large piece of fabric whatever color you would like the majority of the dress to be. Use a tshirt to sketch out an outline for the top of the dress. You will then only need to finish sewing the dress with some accent trim around the collar and belt it. The result is very light, simple, but still has that essence of a.

In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to attach a giant slider to a zipper chain. This task is very simple and fast to do. This zipper is for large materials that can not be enclosed with the regular sized zipper. The slider is removable and able to reattach to the zipper chain. It is very convenient and makes the zipper look more neat. Just set the slider on the top of the connected teeth track and pull it up. Then twist each side and pull down. This video will benefit those viewers who work with sewing and fabric, and would like to learn how to attach a giant slider to a zipper chain.

Tired of carrying that purse around while you are trying to have a conversation or dance the night away? How about a cute little handbag to swing around while you maintain your social life.

In this video, you learn how to make a silk chiffon handbag inspired by a BluGirl handbag from "Elle Magazine." Adorned with shiny, soft yellow silk and millions of cloth flowers as well as a chain strap that allows you to hook it to your wrist so you can set it and forget it, this bag is chic and functional.

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How to Add Audio valentino sneakers to a PowerPoint 2010 Presentation

Click on the "Insert" tab in the ribbon, then locate the "Audio" icon in the "Media" group, located on the right side. Click the top half of the "Audio" icon to display the "Insert Audio" options.

Navigate to the audio file on your computer and click "Insert." The "Horn" icon which represents the audio file is subsequently placed on your slide. Move it, if necessary, to a place on your slide that doesn't obscure other text or images, such as in the lower righthand corner of the slide.

Click on the "Insert" tab valentino rockstud pumps in the ribbon, then locate the "Audio" icon in the "Media" group, located on the right side. Click the bottom half of the "Audio" icon to display the pulldown menu options.

Select "Record Audio." The "Record Sound" dialog opens. Name your audio file in the "Name" text box.

Click on the "Record" button and begin speaking. Click the "Stop" button when valentino handbags outlet you're finished, then click "OK." The "Horn" icon is now placed on your slide. Click to test the audio and verify that it's acceptable.